Investing 101

1: Why should you be investing? 

2: What do you need to know before you get going?

3: How and where should you invest your money?

Wonder, Learn, Invest was originally created for the sole purpose of convincing young people to invest their money for the future. We created the ultimate beginner's guide and then turned to the blog, where we publish regular articles about anything relating to money: plane tickets, credit scores, the lottery, etc.

The wonder, learn, and invest sections of this site make up our comprehensive guide to investing in the stock market. If you read these three sections, you'll be inspired, informed, and ready to invest your money for the future.

We'll show you specifically how to end up with $40,000, $350,000, and $1,500,000. We'll teach you to invest while paying the least amount of money in taxes. We'll teach you to optimize your life to increase your net worth and your happiness.


Are you ready? Start with Wonder to get inspired.