Thinking: Lifestyle

Thinking: Lifestyle

Patience and Thinking Long-Term


Part of following the simple methodology we’re developing together here is learning how to think long-term. You must be smart enough to contribute a little money every month without fail. You must be able to kick back and relax when the market is down, and refrain from changing your monthly contribution. When the market is up and doing well, you won’t sell all your index funds and buy a beach house, and you won’t suddenly double your monthly deposit.


You’ll ride the waves, investing each month, ignoring media hype and tips about ‘sure things’ from your uncle the conspiracy-theorist. You’ll bide your time, relying on short-term money from paychecks, savings, and checking accounts to live and consume now. You’ll keep your hands off your money and let it grow into your later-in-life fortune. Thinking long-term, and being prepared to lose money in the short term, is key. Those of us who patiently stick to our plans are the slow and steady who win the race.





Discipline is taking the bus, not the Uber, and never (god forbid) a taxi. Discipline is using Airbnb or a hostel, not staying at the Marriott. Discipline is saving and investing 10%, 15%, or 30% of your paycheck each month, without fail. Automating this online with your employer or bank will make it easy, and let you set it and forget it so you can move on with your life. Discipline can be increasing your contribution each month, even if just by a few dollars, until you hit the monthly level you’re shooting for.


Discipline is being a rational consumer, ignoring the gross, excessive lifestyles and values that our culture worships, and remaining a down-to-earth human being. Somewhat ironically, you do all of this while becoming far wealthier than anyone who chooses to spend their weekends shopping, dines out at restaurants frequently, or buys brand-new cars with borrowed money.


Without discipline, the info on this site is completely useless! If you are truly interested in becoming financially secure and independent, or even wealthy, you’ll need some discipline. The magic of compound interest is that a little effort today pays off in enormous ways tomorrow. That means that becoming a millionaire requires starting early and saving a few hundred a month, not saving tens of thousands a year and starting late!


It’s not hard, but it takes a little bit of patience and discipline.


You're ready to start investing and start down the road of financial freedom.

Keep rocking and rolling to the final step! Acting: How and Where


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