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Privacy Policy:

Wonderlearninvest.com does not collect any personal information about you as a visitor except standard traffic logs automatically generated by Jetpack (a WordPress Plugin), Google Analytics, and anything you leave deliberately as part of a comment. When you click an affiliate link on our site, the advertiser, service provider, company, website, to whom the link directs you, or their affiliates, may collect information at their discretion.

We will never sell or voluntarily disclose your personal information or email address.

Affiliate Relationships:

This blog earns income through affiliate relationships with some of the companies mentioned within. These are generally companies which I, Louis H DeFelice, use or have used myself, so I am very selective about which companies I sign up with.

The blog does not accept any paid content and endorsement articles are not available at any price. We advertise companies with whom we have developed affiliate relationships through the square, righ sidebar ad and the rectangular, below-content ad on most pages. Every company that we recommend or advertise for is a company that we have used before and recommend with complete sincerity and editorial integrity. We will never recommend a product on the basis of its affiliate program.

When a company I like (for example, TransferWise or Backblaze) offers an affiliate program, I make a point of signing up and using their affiliate links if I happen to mention them in an article or the WLI Recommends (Resources + Discount Codes) post. This allows me to have this blog earn an income in a way that feels ethical to me.

Terms of Use:

You Are Responsible for Your Financial Decisions. Wonder, Learn, Invest!, Louis H DeFelice, and our affiliates, through our site may provide a venue through which you can obtain information and you can find third-party service providers, such as financial institutions, credit card providers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, insurance agents, discount program representatives and other insurance professionals (“Service Providers”). We do not endorse or recommend the products or services of any Service Provider, and are not an agent or advisor to you or any Service Provider. We do not validate or investigate the licensing, certification or other requirements and qualifications of Service Providers. It is your responsibility to investigate Service Providers. You acknowledge and agree that Service Providers are solely responsible for any services that they may provide to you and that we are not liable for any losses, costs, damages or claims in connection with, arising from, or related to, your use of a Service Provider’s products or services. We urge you to obtain the advice of financial advisors, insurance agents, brokers or other qualified professionals who are fully aware of your individual circumstances before you make any financial or insurance decisions. You acknowledge and agree that you rely on your own judgment and that of such advisors in selecting any products or services offered by Service Providers.

You Acknowledge and Agree that We are Not a Service Provider. We are not a financial institution, financial advisor, insurance provider or other Service Provider. Instead, we, through our services, may help to connect you with Service Providers that might meet your needs based on information provided by you. We do not, and will not, make any coverage or credit decision with any Service Provider referred to you. We do not issue mortgages, credit cards, insurance coverage or any other financial products.

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