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Review: Boxed (The Free, Online Costco)

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I’m trying a new (to me) service and I’m excited about it! It’s called Boxed. Simple Boxed review: good prices, better discounts, great experience. Our Boxed discount code is IHIW8– use it and we’ll both receive $15. We only recommend products on WLI that we actually use. Simple as that.


What is it?

Boxed is essentially a free, online version of Costco or Sam’s Club. You young folk might compare it to Amazon Prime. Box sells items in bulk (usually), which allows you, the consumer, to pay less per-unit than you would in a store. What sets Boxed apart is that, unlike big-box stores and Amazon, there are no subscription or membership fees. It’s free.


While Boxed certainly doesn’t have the inventory that Amazon has, they’ve got the smooth, customer-focused experience that’s essential, as well as most name-brand products for basic items: toilet paper, soap, sugar, etc. It definitely tilts millennial in its marketing tactics and product selection, and also feels somewhat boutique, as you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and see no more options to buy in a particular category.

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The Cost

Overall, the prices won’t blow your mind– but they’re better than retail. Because they also save you multiple trips to the grocery store, they are valuable in the opportunity costs they reduce. You can see our thoughts on that in our grocery-delivery review here.


There are many ways to reduce the cost of at least your first order from Boxed. They’ll provide you with free shipping, and likely write to you with another offer, (mine was 10% off) after you’ve made an account. You can use our discount code, IHIW8 to get $15 off, and if you have an American Express card, you can elect an Amex Offer that will give you another $25 off your Boxed order. All in all, I had free shipping and a total of $40 off my first order.


The Experience

The customer experience was pretty great after that, too. I received emails with full order details, including a list of items, a receipt, and tracking link. Then, surprisingly, I was sent a “selfie” of my Box. It must have been taken by a machine as the box was moving down a conveyor belt. It provided a surprising amount of joy for me, which I still can’t quite explain. But I sure did like that level of keeping in touch by Boxed.


I ordered on the 21st of the month, and the Box was out for delivery with UPS on the 22nd. (I didn’t receive it that day due to a snafu at the apartment complex, but that’s UPS’s fault). That’s less than 2-day delivery, and it was free.


Keep in Mind
  • Boxed offers free samples of a rotating line-up of products with each order, select as many as you like (one sample per item).


  • Free shipping will apply to your first order and all orders over $49. (Because you’re buying in bulk and for the future, this shouldn’t be hard to do). Most orders arrive within two business days.


  • You’ll earn 1% cashback in Boxed currency on every order. If you combine this with a rewards credit card, you could earn 3% back or more on every purchase. American Express cards seem to earn an automatic 3% Boxed Cashback, though the rules on this aren’t clear on the site.


  • Boxed has a modern, easy-to-use mobile app.


  • Boxed has a socially-conscious, employee-friendly business culture, which you can read about here.


What do you think?


*looking for a side hustle? Consider being a Boxed Shopper. Boxed also has a hotel-booking site/portal, which seems deserving of its own future review!

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