Lou’s Reviews

Dear Reader! Welcome to the newest part of Wonder, Learn, Invest, "Lou's Reviews."


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I'm Louis, the creator of this site. I was originally driven by my desire to encourage people (family, friends, the world) to invest money at a youngage: for wealth, for security, for happiness. Then, I ran out of advice and started the blog. Until now, I've avoided writing in first-person like the plague: this site is for you, not about me. But some narratives need a voice...


I'm now traveling more than ever. Sustaining a long-distance (read: transatlantic) relationship requires either misery or many plane tickets. I chose the latter. Airlines and airports have a funny way of establishing some f*cking frustrating classist nonsense. Every time I've walked by a luxury lounge or through the first-class section of a plane, I've felt unfairly left out and annoyed.


Some would say, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em." I decided to beat them and join them. Ha! How? Well, I travel for free (usually). You can read about that here, here, and here. My tally is almost $7,000 in free flights. I churn through credit cards to stack up hundreds of thousands of points and miles, which you can read about in summary here. I stockpile as many benefits as possible so that I'm usually entitled to most of the "elite" privileges of travel. Right now, my go-to card is the Chase Sapphire Reserve


"Lou's Reviews" is the new outlet for my storytelling urges. I'll be reviewing the various lounges I visit and first-class flights I take. I won't be taking anything seriously, I will be sneaking into places I shouldn't be, and I will keep allowing Citi, Barclays, Chase, and American Express to fund my wanderlust and my long-distance love. I know nothing about wine, never dress up for flights, and really get under the skin of the grumpy old rich dudes who paid to be where I show up. Am I a hero? That's for you to decide.*


*answer: yes.