Never Pay to Buy Plane Tickets on the Phone

never pay to buy plane tickets on the phone wonder learn invest airline phone booking fee

If you’ve ever booked plane tickets over the phone, you’ve likely been charged an airline phone booking fee of $25+. However, dealing with a human is often preferable to a computer– particularly when itineraries are complicated, unique discount codes need to be applied, or a passenger needs special accommodations.


There’s an easy (though dishonest) way around this fee that has so far never failed. Simply tell the phone representative that a computer error message instructed you to complete your booking over the phone. As this is a particularly low-level, small, and easily-canceled fee, customers are rarely if ever questioned and it’s quickly resolved in your favor.


As airlines continue to slash the most basic of benefits– bringing a carry-on, sitting with family, etc.– there’s no need to pay extra for the convenience of speaking with someone whose job is, well, to speak with you. Use this little trick to make life a little better and your wallet a little thicker. (And remember: rules are made to be broken).


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