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How to Get from Grand Central Station to JFK Airport

how to get from grand central station to jfk airport

Well, as it turns out, Google Maps sometimes gets it wrong! Wondering how to get from Grand Central Station to JFK Airport (or vice versa)? Here are four solid options, ranked by total cost. Save money and time.


 1. Taxi: OK, this is a bad option. But, should you insist on it, you’re going to find a flat rate of $60. At best, there’s neither a flat rate nor traffic, and you get there for $52. However, traffic might bring that up to a hefty $82. Drive time? Hopefully 40 minutes. Check with TaxiFareFinder.


 2. Uber/Lyft: This is slightly better. But, you’ve got a price range again. Expect to pay between $51 and $66 with uberX, and as low as $46 with Lyft. Drive time? 40+ minutes.


 3. NYCAirporter Bus: We’re getting that price steadily down. Take this shuttle between Grand Central and JFK for $18 one-way or $34 round-trip. It’s an express service, but still takes an hour and a half.


 4. Public Transit: Guess which one we root for? This one. Take the 6 train (metro) going uptown toward Pelham Bay Park and get off at 51st street (just one stop away). There, ignore Google Maps and don’t leave the station. You’ll end up needlessly paying twice. Instead, follow signs for the E train. Take the E toward Queens/Jamaica and get off at the second-to-last stop, Sutphin Blvd. There, take the JFK AirTrain to your terminal. You can use a regular MetroCard for the subway and the AirTrain.


Total time: An hour and a half.


Total cost: $7.75. ($2.75 for subway fare, $5 for the AirTrain).


Happy traveling! Hopefully, this article will fill a small gap in the online info and provide you with options.


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