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How Hertz is Trying to Steal Your Money

Steal may be a harsh word, but rental car companies make millions by abusing the average consumer’s lack of knowledge, interest, and assertiveness. Rental car fees can kill your budget, […]

never pay to buy plane tickets on the phone wonder learn invest airline phone booking fee

Never Pay to Buy Plane Tickets on the Phone

If you’ve ever booked plane tickets over the phone, you’ve likely been charged an airline phone booking fee of $25+. However, dealing with a human is often preferable to a […]

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Why I Hope the Airline Loses My Luggage

I make sure to check a bag on every flight in hopes the airline loses my luggage. It happened so many times that I finally, accidentally learned what a blessing-in-disguise […]

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The Only Travel Card That Lets You Pay Like a Local

All travel cards offer sign-up bonuses, points, and free foreign transactions. But just one reigns supreme with the chip-and-PIN technology that’s so often required abroad. It’s the Barclaycard Arrival Plus.   […]