schiphol travelex currency exchange rate

How Airport Currency Exchange Steals Your Money

Recently, I, an American, was flying from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Naples, Italy. I got pretty confused and frustrated by the airport currency exchange options available and did some investigating. This […]

credit card points travel hacking why young people need credit cards

WLI’s Guide to the World of Credit Cards

(Image from The Points Guy, who is unbeatably helpful when it comes to learning anything and everything about credit cards and the benefits they can bring you.)   64% of Millennials in America […]

when how to switch banks high interest rate savings ally vs. barclays vs. synchrony vs. capital one 360

Easy Money: Switch Banks and Get Richer

Making the decision to switch banks for a higher interest rate can be a decision worth $40,000. Even more or less, depending on your situation, of course. Before we recommend […]

pay yourself first invest and save before spending

The ‘Future-You’ Mentality: Pay Yourself First

Today’s post is short, sweet, and important!   Getting to know future-you, and learning how to pay yourself first, is the best thing you can do for both of you. Investing, budgeting, eating healthy, […]

WLI’s Offers and Recommendations

  We’ve compiled a small list of books and websites that we love and from which we’ve learned a lot. Below those recommendations you will find another list of discount codes! From Uber […]

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Financial Social Norms Are Your Worst Enemy

We cannot avoid the truth: money issues are never perfectly rational or numerical. The argument for saving and investing is easy to make, easy to understand, compelling, and exciting. Compound interest […]

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WLI’s Case for Investing

Let’s answer a simple question, why should I invest in stocks?   For our first blog post of many to come, it seems appropriate to talk about the true foundation […]