Wonder, Learn, Invest! caters to a somewhat specific slice of the population. It won’t provide the best strategy for everyone, but for the majority of non-millionaire individuals, WLI provides a comprehensive investment strategy and a dependable personal finance philosophy. We at WLI know that most people don’t wish to know every last detail about the stock market, macro- and microeconomic concepts, tax law, etc. We consolidate the information and expertise we have into the golden nuggets of essential, foundational info that we provide on the site.


We hope to provide enough information to allow our readers to make informed, responsible decisions about their money, but not so much that they feel overwhelmed. We also hope that readers will utilize this site when making a plan, and then get on with their lives knowing that their financial futures are more secure.


WLI was founded by Louis DeFelice in the spring of 2016. Louis worked as a dishwasher during high school and started investing at age 17. He didn’t like spending his hard earned money and thought to himself, if someone else is making money on the stock market, why can’t I? 


After buying The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by Jack Bogle, he read articles on Vanguard’s website, took lifestyle advice from Mr. Money Mustache, and became obsessed with financial self-education. Frustrated by the lack of cohesive, accessible knowledge available to young people, the lack of financial literacy education in public schools, the idea that the stock market seemed only open to OWDs, etc. he created WLI as a one-stop source for beginner investors.


Louis is currently studying at Yale University. When not in class or writing about finance, he produces and records original music.


WLI’s logo was designed by the talented, efficient, and hard-working Michael Walker, at Design by Walker. If you’re looking for design work, get in touch with him here  and tell him we sent you!